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How to Get Free Gems for Episode Choose Your Story?


  1. Click on the “Free Gems” link 
  2. Enter your username and email
  3. Press the submit button
  4. Verify that you are a human
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Episode Game Free Hacks

There are a plethora of games available to play online – both free and paid. Each game caters to different groups of people, depending on each individual’s preferences. Episode Hack – Choose Your Story is one such interesting game which has been creating waves in the online world of late.

Kudos to Pocket Gems for creating such a wonderful game. It allows players like us to be immersed in the interactive story-lines of the different writers that wrote the different stories. ​

What is Episode – Choose Your Story Game?

Let me hop over and give you a quick introduction to this game.

This innovative game is free to play and is available to play both on Android and iOS devices. To be more exact, you can download the app from both the Apple App store and the Google Play store for free! For more information about cheats and hacks in Episode Choose Your Story Cheats, visit this link here.

Episode – Choose Your Story game is for those who have an interest in weaving stories. The app allows users to come up with their story-line, create their characters and to share their story with a community of readers. Currently the game has even branched out into creating story-lines for famous TV series, such as Episode Pretty Little Liars. The current storyline arc is set in the 1st season of Pretty Little Liars and you can use any of their characters such as Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and the even the mysterious “A”. As always, the decisions that you make in this game will have an impact on the plot of the storyline. 

There is never a dull moment with this mobile game. It can be played on smartphones as well as on tablets. It is easy to see why this game has been the talk of the town in recent times. The stories would appeal to teenagers since most of them revolve around dating, dressing up and relationships.

Of course, this means that the importance of gems and passes in progressing the game become more crucial. These in game purchases are used to buy various in game items such as clothes. Also, these items can be used to spend time with special characters, so be sure to use them wisely. 

Get instant feedback for your stories

Episode Hack – Choose Your Story game has one of the most buzzing and interactive audiences and one can be guaranteed of a wide readership once your story has been published. It also allows you to share pictures from the game to your social media profiles thus making it even more popular.

If your story is engaging, then you can be sure to garner a faithful following of readers. Thus, this game gives adolescents an opportunity to play with their story telling skills and lets them discover what works and what does not work with their readers.

Some people like farming games, some like war games, and some like games based on luck like Bingo, but if you have a budding storyteller at home then this game might be the perfect choice for them.

It will keep them occupied for a long time. In fact, I must admit that it is a very addictive game. Out of all the interactive story games out there, Episode Choose Your Story is really my favorite. The endless story-lines, the countless decisions, the heartbreaks and the characters are really the best. 

A fair warning: I found myself playing for hours and time seem to pass by quickly! 

Episode – Choose Your Story game: Not just for writers 

Not only does this game give users the opportunity to create their own stories but it also allows them to read hundreds of stories that have been created by other likeminded users. This will help them to learn how to come up with a story and also to gauge for themselves as to how to take their own stories forward.

It is quite interesting to read all the stories because it gives us an insight into how a young adult’s mind works. It helps us gain an understanding of what sort of issues occupy them. Although these concerns might seem trivial in the larger scheme of things, nevertheless there is no denying the fact that adolescent topics such as fashion or relationships are pretty important.

From what I know, this game is quite popular with female teenagers. A large group of my friends in high school are currently playing this game daily. Adolescents are usually rebellious and might not truly open up to us about their lives but when they get involved in a game like Episode, it gives us a peak into their thought process. After all, the whole game is about helping the various characters make different decisions in their interactive story-line. 

What are some of the popular stories in Episode – Choose Your Story game?

Episode – Choose Your Story game has many different expansions to it. Each expansion is actually a new “storyline” with it’s own unique plot and characters. 

One of the most popular story is called Campus Crush. Do you recall your first day at college? This story unfolds in a place called the Lockwood University. This Episode story will take you back in time when you had to handle all the drama and mystery of college life. This was probably the story that made Episode as famous as it is today. 

Similarly, the Mean Girls story makes you a student entering North Shore High School. The story is a spin off the Mean Girls movie and includes many well-known reel life characters along with you, the player.

Once you are done with Mean Girls: Senior Year, you can move onto the next one called Mean Girls: Sorority Rush where you i.e the player or character that you have deemed to be the protagonist of your story, is a freshman at a college called Evanston University.

Yet another popular story in the interactive game by PocketGems is the one where you can become a member, albeit virtually, of popular singer and songwriter Demi Lovato’s band. Your character goes on world tours and performs stage shows along with Demi Lovato and you get to live the life of a music star – at least in your imagination! This story has two seasons released so far. The first one is called Path to Fame while the second season is named The World Tour.

Real Hollywood is a story that revolves around Ella who happens to run into a popular TV show director at a nightclub. Does Ella choose to join the TV show? How successful is she? Are her friends true to her or not? These are some of the questions that get answered as the story unfolds.

The above-mentioned stories all focus on protagonists who are part of the popular girls gang in school or college. In sharp contrast, The Ember Effect’s protagonist is a very unpopular girl named Ember Edwards. This story is about how Ember finds her soulmate in a parallel Universe where she is feared and respected. This story is written by Joseph Evans and has 30 episodes.

My Brother’s Best Friend is about the trials and tribulations of Emily and her Casanova roommate. Georgia is a story that revolves around Grace who meets someone quite intriguing and different from the guys that she is familiar with.

What Happens in Vegas is a fun and exciting story of a journalist named Fern who finds herself under pressure to write a story which will revive the dipping sales of the magazine that she works for. In a desperate bid to hold onto her job, she finds herself falling into the trap that she sets up for the hot actor Russ Cartel.

Reunion Hook Up is a story that is probably a fantasy for many, who look forward to meeting up with their past crushes! But the reunion takes a dark and dangerous turn when a dead body turns up unannounced thus adding a thrilling twist to the story.

Glamanour Heights gives us a snapshot of life as a rich and famous socialite. It tells us the story of glam girl Arianna and the mystery surrounding her ex-boyfriend Connor. For free gems and passes for Episode Pretty Little Liars, be sure to check our free online generator for that.

Why are gems and passes important for this game?  

As with any video game, to continue playing the Episode – Choose Your Story game you will need certain resources. In some games, this “currency” to proceed with the game takes the form of a fuel recharge, in some games you would need to wait for your crops to grow and mature, in some other games you would need to wait till your cake bakes or your dish cooks. Similarly, in Episodes – Choose Your Story game you need to collect gems and passes to play without waiting.

Gems and passes are critical to this game because without them you will not be able to proceed with your story. There are a few different ways to collect gems and passes. One is to simply wait. Gems get generated every day and so you will be able to move on with the game if you have the patience and the willingness to wait for a day.

Admittedly, although this is the simplest way to get your gems and passes, this is also the most testing approach! It can be very frustrating to wait for gems and passes when you are in the middle of an interesting story and simply can’t wait to find out more!

But is there some other way to obtain gems and passes? Another way to obtain gems and passes is to use referral codes from other players. Just visit any forum on the Episodes game and many people will be more than willing to share their referral code with you to help you out.

You will also need gems to purchase things like special outfits for your protagonist as the story moves ahead. Different outfits will require you to part with a different number of gems. Completing certain accomplishments and achievements could also earn you some gems and passes occasionally.

Gems and passes could also be bought for actual money – if you can afford to spend money on video games. However do keep in mind that if you plan to switch phones soon, then it is better to wait, before purchasing any gems or passes.

This is especially true in cases where you might be switching from an Android device to an IOS device or vice versa, since the ability to transfer gems and passes from one device to another is possible only from an Android to another Android or from an IOS device to another IOS device. It isn’t yet possible to transfer your gems and passes from an Android device to an IOS device or vice versa. Perhaps a solution to this dilemma would be found sometime in the near future.

Some users have claimed that they have faced issues with their passes. They have complained that although they purchased passes, the passes didn’t show up in the game. In case you too face any such problems, you can always contact the support team of this game and they will help sort out the issue as soon as possible. 

Therefore, if you are keen to know more about cheats in Episode Choose Your Story, read on more below!